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My name is Jason Dawson and if you have chronic back pain, I'm glad that you've found my blog. After an accident, I suffered with back pain for several years until I started visiting a chiropractor. I could tell a difference in the severity of my back pain after only a few treatments. I continued seeing the chiropractor on a regular basis and today my back pain is gone. When I had excruciating back pain, I couldn't enjoy any physical activities and some days I could barely walk. I'm writing this blog so that I can help others who have back pain. In my blog you'll learn about chiropractors and how they can help you. You'll also learn some things that you can do at home that will lessen the pain in your back.

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Back Pain Treatments and Tips That Work

How To Reduce Lower Back Pain Through Stretching And Exercise

by Nandy Dannenberg

Lower back pain is frustrating because it can leave you feeling like you don't have your normal range of motion and leave you unable to do the activities that you enjoy. This can seriously decrease your quality of life. One of the things that can make you feel better is moving your back through a series of exercises and stretching motions. Here are some steps that you can follow to carefully move through your lower back pain and eventually reduce it to the point where you are able to move around normally.

1. Reduce Any Tightness in Your Hips

Your first step is going to be reducing any tightness that you might feel in your hips because hip tightness directly results in your body overcompensating and trying to displace the tension to other parts of the body, namely the lower back. If you don't have any hip tightness, your body will not feel the need to displace the tension and your lower back will not be affected. 

In order to stretch out your hips, you are going to want to place your hands on your hips. Then, move into a kneeling position with your right knee at a ninety degree angle and your left knee on the ground. Twist your body so that your upper body is facing your right knee. Breath deeply for a few moments and use each breath to move farther towards your back. Then, switch your knees so that your left knee is up and your right knee is down. Turn towards your left knee and breath. Doing this will open up the hip flexors and allow any tightness to dissipate.

2. Make Sure Your Abs and Other Core Muscles are Strong

The next thing that you are going to need to do is make sure that the muscles that make up the core of your body are as strong as possible. This is critical because if your abdomen and surrounding muscles are not strong, then your back is going to need to do more work that it is designed for, which can cause you to be in immense pain. To take some of the lifting responsibility off your back, you will need to strengthen your core muscles by performing planks and other moves.

To perform a plank, place your forearms on the ground and stretch out your body so that it is straight, putting your weight on your toes and on your forearms so that the bulk of your body is lifted off the ground. Then, while you are in this position, tighten your core muscles and hold them for as long as you can. Try to work up to a minute or two in this position.

For more information, talk to a doctor that specializes in lower back pain treatment (like those at TLC Chiropractic).