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My name is Jason Dawson and if you have chronic back pain, I'm glad that you've found my blog. After an accident, I suffered with back pain for several years until I started visiting a chiropractor. I could tell a difference in the severity of my back pain after only a few treatments. I continued seeing the chiropractor on a regular basis and today my back pain is gone. When I had excruciating back pain, I couldn't enjoy any physical activities and some days I could barely walk. I'm writing this blog so that I can help others who have back pain. In my blog you'll learn about chiropractors and how they can help you. You'll also learn some things that you can do at home that will lessen the pain in your back.

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Back Pain Treatments and Tips That Work

4 Natural Ways To Cure Your Headaches

by Nandy Dannenberg

Headaches can be a major pain, especially if you get them quite frequently. Headaches can be triggered for a number of reasons, such as by not drinking enough water, stress, and more. Whenever these headaches are triggered, it can help to know of some natural ways to help cure them, or at least restrict them from continuing. Here are four ways to do this:

  1. Soak Your Feet in Hot Water: Turn on the bath and soak your feet in the hot water or go out to your hot tub if you have one. Doing this should help relieve a headache because it will draw blood down to your feet and ease the amount of blood that is being restricted in your head. When you have a headache, the blood vessels are swollen and thus causing the restriction of blood flow that causes the tense pain in the head. 
  2. Drink Caffeine: You don't have to drink coffee since you can also drink caffeinated tea. Either beverage you choose, it can easily help cure your headache. Caffeine is typically an added ingredient in medications that relieve headaches anyway. However, you should not utilize this option if you already drink more than one cup of coffee a day. This is because those who drink too much caffeine can suffer from withdrawals that lead to headaches and the cycle will continue. 
  3. Use Scents: There are two types of scents that should help ease the pain from headaches. These scents would be both lavender and peppermint. These two scents help because they sooth when you breath them in. You can purchase lavender or peppermint scented candles, oils, and more. By burning these during times when you have a headache, you should notice a huge difference. 
  4. ​Constrict the Head: By tying a scarf or any other material around your head to constrict the blood flow, it can help to ease the pain. This is a great method to use if you can't get to sleep or if you don't have anywhere to be. 

By knowing a few ways to naturally cure or ease your headaches, you can be sure that you are more comfortable without having to spend time going to the store to purchase some kind of medication. These four natural methods should easily work anytime you need them. However, if the headaches persist and nothing is working, you should visit your doctor to determine whether or not you have something more serious that needs to be addressed.