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My name is Jason Dawson and if you have chronic back pain, I'm glad that you've found my blog. After an accident, I suffered with back pain for several years until I started visiting a chiropractor. I could tell a difference in the severity of my back pain after only a few treatments. I continued seeing the chiropractor on a regular basis and today my back pain is gone. When I had excruciating back pain, I couldn't enjoy any physical activities and some days I could barely walk. I'm writing this blog so that I can help others who have back pain. In my blog you'll learn about chiropractors and how they can help you. You'll also learn some things that you can do at home that will lessen the pain in your back.

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Back Pain Treatments and Tips That Work

Careers In Message Therapy: The Basics

by Nandy Dannenberg

The field of massage therapy is a great profession if you enjoy working with people and helping them feel better. You have a lot of factors to consider, however, before making the commitment to become a professional massage therapist. This article examines some of the main factors to keep in mind concerning entrance into this intriguing field.  


In order to protect the public against unqualified persons offering massage therapy to patients, most states regulate the profession. The relevant laws will typically require anyone seeking to enter the field to meet certain standards issued by a governing body, such as a state agency. The regulations will define the type of training that each applicant must have and explain what exam or exams the applicant must pass to obtain a license. A crucial point to remember is that local jurisdictions may have their own rules in addition to the state laws, so make certain that you thoroughly research all local laws pertaining to the field. 


To gain a license to practice massage therapy, you must have extensive training from an approved school or institute. The required courses and total hours of study you need can vary from state to state. As one example, New Mexico requires each applicant to have at least 165 hours of training in the physiology, kinesiology and anatomy. The state also demands that applicants have at least 100 hours of hands-on message therapy training as well.  


One key decision you will need to make when you are licensed to practice is what type of environment you wish to work in. For example, because massage therapy is increasingly recognized as having important health benefits, you might want to practice in a health care environment such as a hospital or chiropractic clinic. Other choices include practicing in a spa or fitness center. You have the option of establishing your own independent practice as well. 

Continuing Education 

Just because you obtain a license to practice in your state, this does not necessarily mean that your training is over. Some states will require you to take continuing education classes, so that you can keep up with the latest developments in the field. 

As a massage therapist, you will have the opportunity to provide a valuable service to the public, while also enjoying a rewarding career. For more information, contact the agency that governs massage therapists in your state or a prominent message therapy trade association, such as the American Massage Therapy Association. You may also want to contact a massage therapy practitioner at Excellence In Health Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic or a similar location.