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My name is Jason Dawson and if you have chronic back pain, I'm glad that you've found my blog. After an accident, I suffered with back pain for several years until I started visiting a chiropractor. I could tell a difference in the severity of my back pain after only a few treatments. I continued seeing the chiropractor on a regular basis and today my back pain is gone. When I had excruciating back pain, I couldn't enjoy any physical activities and some days I could barely walk. I'm writing this blog so that I can help others who have back pain. In my blog you'll learn about chiropractors and how they can help you. You'll also learn some things that you can do at home that will lessen the pain in your back.

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Back Pain Treatments and Tips That Work

3 Ways To Reduce Your Chances Of Repetitive Strain Injuries At Work

by Nandy Dannenberg

Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) can occur when a person performs similar actions over and over. Even if you practice proper form—like lifting boxes with your legs—you can still develop RSIs. While physically demanding jobs, like construction work, can stress the body, desk jobs can also cause RSIs, such as carpal tunnel and back pain. Here are some ways to reduce your chances of RSIs at work.

Visit a Chiropractor Regularly

Back injuries are some of the most common RSIs. Because workers often miss work due to untreated RSIs, many businesses supply employees with an allotment of chiropractor visits to reduce absenteeism. Check your insurance plan to see if you can visit a chiropractor regularly. If your workplace doesn't offer these benefits, it's worth it to check an outside insurance plan. Many carriers are willing to help cover at least one chiropractor visit a month.

Many chiropractors use hands-on techniques to manipulate the spine and other musculoskeletal structures. These adjustments can help you recover from a potential RSI by restoring mobility and encouraging damaged tissue to heal. For instance, if you have a lot of back pain, chiropractic adjustments can relieve nerve pressure and help you improve your posture.

Some chiropractic offices incorporate massage therapy modalities, like deep tissue massage. These techniques can also help RSIs since they break up scar tissue and reduce inflammation.

Invest in Comfortable Furnishings

If you are sedentary, ask your chiropractor for some ergonomic recommendations. For instance, your back pain may improve significantly if you buy a chair with extra lumbar support. If you are developing carpal tunnel syndrome, then it would probably be good to invest in a split keyboard.

Stretch on your Breaks

You want to make sure that you follow your chiropractor and/or doctor's instructions so that the stretches don't aggravate the condition. Ask your chiropractor about safe stretches that would help your specific condition. For instance, if you have muscle pain in your chest or shoulders,  you could use a door fame to stretch these muscles. Your upper arms would be horizontal to the ground and the forearms could lie on the door frame. This is an easy yet effective stretch you could do during downtime at work.

Whenever you stretch for a break, check in on your posture. Many people develop forward head thrust (sometimes called "text neck") from looking at their computers, phones, or workspace. This forward head motion can throw your whole spine out of alignment and cause tense muscles in your neck and back.

For more ways on how to reduce RSIs at work, contact a chiropractor as soon as possible.